Our Story

Our Story


FIT is a revolutionary brand of technology-driven lifestyle concept stores housing premium quality supplements, vitamins and superfoods.

Our award-winning FIT Finder technology, available in store and online, helps customers quickly and easily find solutions. Forget the one-size-fits-all approach - it’s all about finding the right fit for you. FIT is not just a store, it’s a lifestyle.

Want to find what exactly your body what it really needs, fast from the convenience of your smart phone? Shop our cutting edge online store. Want a next level experience? Chat to our expert nutritionists and fitness specialists in store. On the run? Grab a healthy, nutrient dense snack or drink to fuel your body, or a nutritionist approved low-sugar smoothie at our flagship store. There's a fit for every body. Find yours.


FIT lives and breathes nutrition. Our friendly, knowledgeable experts are passionate about getting you real results, in a way that suits you, no matter where you are on your health and fitness path. We pride ourselves on stocking on only the very best, premium supplements, vitamins & superfoods – no junk. Staying up to date with the latest trends and most coveted supplement brands, you won’t be starved for selection here.


Every body is different, so why not tailor your health & fitness plan like your playlist? At FIT, every touch-point is about YOU. Visit us in store for a seriously cool personalized experience, centered around some slick award-winning tech. Simply punch in a few quick details to our FIT Finder, and in under 60 seconds you will be recommended the right nutrition products for your unique dietary requirements and health and fitness goals. It’s that easy.

Our next level touch-screen technology platform, the FIT Finder, was awarded Gold for Personalization Excellence at the Retail Excellence Awards 2016.


Are you celiac, lactose intolerant or have any allergies or special dietary requirements? We’ve got you covered - so don’t worry.
Use our FIT finder online or in-store, or talk to our FIT experts to find something that will fit you perfectly, faster than you can say gluten free.

Matt Cameron

Founder & CEO

As a type 1 diabetic for over 30 years, our founder Matt Cameron became frustrated by how difficult it was to find a nutrition solution that met his dietary needs. This, in addition to the lack of retail stores that truly catered to the individual, lead to the birth of FIT Nutrition Fix – a technology driven retail space offering healthy, highly effective nutrition supplement options for every day Australians.

Matt left a successful marketing and advertising career behind to build FIT. His true passion and mission is to change the lives of Australians through offering simple solutions to encourage and supplement a healthy lifestyle.


Lenny is an accredited Strength Coach with the Poliquin Institute and owner of SIGFIT. An expert in total body transformations for both men and women, Lenny’s holistic approach to personal training consists of optimal nutrition, supplementation & exercise techniques.

Lenny has been an integral part of the smoothie design and product selection process for our performance and fat loss categories, applying his knowledge of what truly works to help our customers achieve specific health and fitness goals. His passion for helping clients kick goals through focused, personalized attention, is what makes him a perfect fit for us.

A knowledgeable, celebrity personal trainer and fat loss expert, Lenny provides each of his clients with a written meal plan tailored to their specific goals to ensure real results. His articles, workouts and success stories have been featured in Men's Muscle & Health Magazine, so you know he’s the real deal.
Valik Douds

Operations Manager

Valik is the detail-oriented whiz-kid responsible for the exceptional experience you have in store. With over twelve years of retail management experience working with premium brands, his customer service and consumer psychology nous elevates the offering of FIT at every touch point. With a strong focus on personalization, Valik is passionate about educating, entertaining and inspiring everyone who comes in to contact with FIT.

Cassie Matthews

Co-Founder & Ambassador

Cassie is a successful international model who walks the walk when it comes to a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Being immersed in an industry closely linked to physical wellbeing has given her insights into the latest health, fitness and lifestyle developments and trends around the globe.

Her experience working as a model has ignited a deep interest and passion for helping people to look, feel and be the best version of themselves by fuelling and nourishing their bodies from the inside out.
Anna Warren

Nutiritionist (BHSc)

FIT resident nutritionist, health blogger and Nutritional Medicine guru Anna Warren dove head first into the health and fitness industry after an autoimmune diagnosis inspired her to experiment with the power of food as medicine. Anna’s astounding personal success based on her learnings motivated her complete a Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine. She has since helped hundreds of men and women achieve better health.

Along with offering nutritional and supplementation advice, Anna has a passion for motivating people to adopt healthy lifestyle habits to achieve balance in all aspects of their life.